Aug 17, 2012

katiecan-deactivated20140102 said: I babysit 2 times a week and they don't have very healthy food over there, and it's hard for me to stay on track. I eat lunch over there and usually the little girl(7 yrs old) always wants mac and cheese and it seems like she snacks all the time which tempts me, what should I do? Should i bring over my own snacks and lunch? I mean I don't wanna seem rude though.. Yah know? Help? :/

I run into this problem all the time ( my boyfriend has a 3 year old daughter) who is exactly the same. You really just have to have will power, maybe try and distract yourself by reading a book or eating your OWN meal. Bringing over healthy food is def not rude, if someone asks just explain you dont want to intake the empty calories! Good luck!